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Dead By Daylight PBE Trickster Update Revealed

Photo by Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight's PBE will receive the new Trickster Update first, bringing some buffs to Dead by Daylight's newest killer. In a blog post from the development team, Trickster takes center stage, receiving a multitude of buffs and changes to hopefully increase his standing among the player base. Here's everything included for Trickster in Dead by Daylight's newest update.

Dead By Daylight PBE Trickster Update Revealed

To help out Trickster, they've made it easier for him to kill Survivors, with the hopes that it makes the chases and combat in the game more thrilling and exciting for everyone involved. The number of knives required to damage a Survivor has been reduced, all the way down to 6, and the 20-second delay for laceration decay reduced to just 10 seconds. The decay for laceration was boosted as well, up to 0.4/s across the board except when running, when it's 0.3/s.

Then comes the main event, which is Trickster's Main Event. His special attack is frequent within matches, so developers wanted to change this, stating, "With these changes, we aim to make Main Event less frequent, but more meaningful when it does activate. By increasing the time it can be held before it must be activated, you’ll have more freedom to choose when to activate it and be able to use it more effectively when you do thanks to the lowered activation time."

As far as Trickster and his abilities are concerned, that's all for this new update. The biggest change not mentioned in the new update, is Dead by Daylight's new player test PBE, which will allow players to test out new updates and features before they go live for everyone.