Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming: March 2022

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight's Amazon Prime gaming cosmetic released on March 10. For those wondering, you can no longer earn the Love Hurts outfit for Dwight. It's not known if Behaviour Interactive will eventually re-release the skin at some time or if their contract with Amazon Gaming doesn't allow it. But it's likely the skin will make a return eventually.

As with every Amazon Prime cosmetic, there is only one way to earn it.

How to Earn the Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming Cosmetic

Players must own both Dead by Daylight and have an active Amazon Prime account. Log into your account and head to the link. Click the new skin and follow the instructions. The next time you login, you'll have the cosmetic.

The cosmetics are available on PC (Steam, Epic, Windows, Stadia), PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch platforms. In the meantime, the rank reset took place on Sunday, awarding players with BP and resetting everyone's rank. Whether you like the grind or not, it's time for all of us to start over again in Iron.