Dead by Daylight Public Test Build 6.0.0 Live for Players

Image courtesy of Behavior

Dead by Daylight's 6.0.0 Public Test Build is now live in preparation for the incoming Roots of Dread event starting June 7. Because this is a beta update, players will have to opt in to running a test version of the game. Full details can be found here, but the easiest way to access the new build is to right-click the Dead by Daylight game in your Steam library, select "Access Properties," then "beta" and "Public Test" to play. There are some fun brand-new features players have the opportunity to test out as the update is tweaked and finished.

New Features in the Dead by Daylight 6.0.0 PTB

According to the update's patch notes, there are four big features getting added to the game in the 6.0.0 PTB:

New Map - Garden of Joy

New Killer - The Dredge

  • New Perk: Dissolution
  • 3 seconds after injuring a survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 12/16/20 second(s). While Dissolution is active, if a survivor fast vaults over a pallet inside of your Terror Radius, the Entity will break the pallet at the end of the vault, and Dissolution deactivates.
  • New Perk: Darkness Revealed
  • When you open a locker, the auras of all Survivors within 8 meters of any lockers are revealed to you for 3/4/5seconds. This perk has a 30seconds cooldown.
  • New Perk: Septic Touch
  • Whenever a Survivor performs the healing action within your Terror Radius, they suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion. These effects linger for 6/8/10 seconds after a healing action is interrupted by any means.

New Survivor - Haddie Kaur

  • New Perk: Inner Focus
  • You can see other Survivors' Scratch Marks within a 32 meters range of you. Whenever another Survivor loses a health state within a 32 meters range of you, the Killer's aura is revealed to you for3/4/5 seconds.
  • New Perk: Residual Manifest
  • After a successful Killer Blind action, the Killer is affected by the Blindness status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per Trial and will guarantee a basic Flashlight.
  • New Perk: Overzealous
  • After cleansing any totem, this perk activates. Your generator repair speed is increased by 4%/5%/6%. This Perk deactivates when you lose a health state by any means.

New General Killer Perk - Shattered Hope

  • Whenever you snuff a Boon Totem, the totem is destroyed instead. When you destroy a Boon Totem this way, the auras of all Survivors inside the Boon Totem range are revealed to you for 6/7/8 seconds.

Additionally, there are numerous bugs both fixed and found in this new version of the game, so be sure to read up on what the current known issues are in the full patch notes so you can avoid them.