Dead by Daylight Ranking System to Receive Drastic Change

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is making massive changes to the matchmaking and ranking system. Currently, players rank up a killer or survivor from Rank 20 to Rank 1. Each level requires a set amount of points. you can earn a maximum of of two for each game. Players then earn those points in four categories.

The point system and four categories remain the same, but instead of 20 to 1, players have grades like League of Legends.

"You may be wondering: With Skill-Based Matchmaking enabled full-time, what will happen to ranks?
Ranks will become Grades and feature all-new icons, ranging from Ash to Iridescent. You can increase your grade by earning pips just like before, though there’s now a limit to how many pips you can lose.
On the 13th of each month, grades reset to Ash IV (the lowest grade) and you’ll receive up to 250,000 Bloodpoints depending on how far you’ve managed to climb. You’ll be rewarded for each role separately, so playing both sides can reap double the rewards."

Dead by Daylight Ranking System to Receive Drastic Change

The next big change is MMR, "For a while now, we’ve been running tests for the Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) system—which uses ratings to match you with other players rather than ranks. Each Killer you play has a separate rating, allowing you to play each Killer at a level you're comfortable at. The most recent test exceeded our expectations, and we’ll be rolling the system out indefinitely with the 5.2.0 update. The most recent SBMM test resulted in fairer matches across the board for players of all skill levels, especially low-to-mid skilled players. High skill players would see the most variance in their matches due to the low number of players with high ratings (it’s lonely at the top!), though their matches would still be more consistent compared to Rank-Based Matchmaking."

Behaviour Interactive is trying to create an even playing field for players earning their new grades. While MMR should be a welcome addition, players are unhappy the amount of grinding needed each month. Currently, ranks reset every 13th of the month, but only down a few ranks. So if you hit Rank 1, you'll only be decreased to Rank 5 at the reset. In the new system, everyone starts at the bottom for each reset.