Dead by Daylight The Skull Merchant Killer: All Perks

The Skull Merchant, pictured middle.
The Skull Merchant, pictured middle. / Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has dropped its newest killer — The Skull Merchant. Here are all of the Perks players can get to grips with.

As part of the new Chapter 27 Tools of Torment update, Behaviour Interactive have added some new content to Dead by Daylight. This new add-on focuses on the killer's hunt for survivors, updating the Shelter Woods map with the The Skull Merchant’s Hunting Camp.

According to the official blog post, "many grotesque tools have been crafted within its walls."

The Skull Merchant, Chapter 27's new killer, is one who seeks to be the ultimate apex predator. She has a variety of tools at her disposal, all for the thrill of the hunt.

Dead by Daylight The Skull Merchant Killer: All Perks

As highlighted in the blog post, The Skull Merchant makes use of the following Perks:

Game Afoot: When you hit the most-chased Survivor, they become the Obsession. While chasing the Obsession, kicking Generators and breaking Walls or Pallets will grant a temporary speed boost.

THWACK!: Upon Hooking a Survivor, the next Breakable Wall or Pallet you break will cause nearby Survivors to Scream and briefly reveal their Aura.

Leverage: Gain a Token each time you Hook a Survivor, up to 10. This Perk activates whenever a Survivor is Hooked. Each Token reduces Survivor healing speed for a moderate duration.

In addition to the Perks, The Skull Merchant also possesses the Eyes In The Sky power. Using it, players can position several Drones around the Map. A placed Drone enters Active Mode and casts a Detection Zone which, while inside, renders the user undetectable.

When a Survivor enters a Detection Zone, the Drone will begin to Lock-On to them, eventually revealing their location through Killer Instinct. Survivors will also become Exposed.

If a Survivor hasn't been detected for a while, the Drone will enter Scouting Mode. In this mode, the Drone will slowly rotate to catch Survivors in its line of sight. Once a Survivor is detected, the Drone will return to Active Mode.

There's a Special Ability interaction with the Drones, called Claw Trap. Survivors can attempt to disable a Drone through Hacking. Should they succeed, they'll receive a Claw Trap which reveals their location on the killer's Radar. Fail, and the Drone will enter Active Mode and lock onto the Survivor.

Dead by Daylight’s Tools Of Torment Chapter 27 is available now.