Dead by Daylight Update 22.5 Leaked Skins

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight Update 22.5 has been leaked to players revealing skins and cosmetics that will be released. The mid-chapter update is scheduled to go live on Jan. 25, 2022, introducing new events and skins to the game.Here the new skins that will be coming out along with their release dates.

The horror survival game was released almost six years ago and has been able to maintain popularity due to the 1 v 4 game design. One player is designated as the Killer while the other four players are Survivors. The Survivors must work together in order to repair five generators hidden throughout the map and escape before the Killer finds them.

Dead by Daylight's previous update had a few bugs that needed to be fixed. The mid-chapter update will hopefully bring in solutions to problems of disconnecting from the game, back-fill positions and matchmaking optimizations. Along with a few fixes, the Lunar New Year Event will be launching soon along with new in-game content.

Dead by Daylight Update 22.5 Leaked Skins

Here is a list of characters who will be receiving new skins along with the release date.

  • Feng Min: Jan. 25
  • Meg Thomas: Jan. 25
  • Huntress: Jan. 25
  • Jake Park: Jan. 27
  • Yui Kimura: Jan. 27
  • David King: Feb. 10
  • The Trickster: Feb. 10
  • Kate Denson: Feb. 10
  • Dwight Fairfield: Feb. 10

Along with these new skins, the Lunar Event will be dropping shortly after update 22.5 on Jan. 25, 2022. The Lunar Event will have items such as red envelopes, Chinese firecrackers and Lunar toolboxes. The loading screen will also feature the event.