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Dead By Daylight Update 5.1: All Killer Changes

Photo by Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight Update 5.1 brought new killer changes.

There are many various changes to killer from technical updates to a new tutorial. Here is how killers are being impacted.

Dead By Daylight Update 5.1: All Killer Changes

Trickster Changes

  • Maximum Laceration is now 6 (was 8).
  • Faster Laceration decay (full meter depletes in 15 seconds, 20 seconds if running)
  • Shorter delay before Laceration starts to decay (now 10 seconds, was 20 seconds)
  • Laceration removed upon successful basic attack now 3 (was 4)
  • Main Event starts throwing knives 1 second sooner
  • 30 knife hits required to activate Main Event (was 20)
  • 30 second window to activate Main Event (was 10)
  • New knife hit indicators have been added to show when knives connect with Survivors

Trickster Addon Changes

  • Melodious Murder: Moderately decreases knives’ reload time at lockers.
  • Fizz-Spin Soda: Smaller effect (starts at 2 knives thrown instead of 3; balanced with smaller maximum Laceration)
  • Iridescent Photocard: When a Survivor’s Laceration Meter is two or less Blade hits away from the maximum, they are inflicted with the Exposed status effect.
  • Death Throes Compilation: When Main Event ends, The Trickster’s knives are replenished.
  • Lucky Blade: Hitting a survivor with a Blade during Main Event slightly extends its duration. (0.2s)
  • Waiting for You Watch: Hitting a survivor with a Blade during Main Event moderately extends its duration. (0.3s)

Technical Updates

  • When a Killer attempts to grab a Survivor, but the request is refused by the server (usually because the Survivor has stopped performing the interaction) the Killer will now automatically transition into an attack instead. In addition, achievement and challenge progress will be granted at the beginning of the grab attempt, regardless of whether or not the attempt is successful.
  • Stun validation has been added to the hit validator. If a Killer has a pending stun on the server, the server will reject the hit. This will be most noticeably in situations such as a Killer who is attacking at the same time a survivor is throwing a pallet, and it should reduce instances where survivors appear to take damage after stunning a Killer.
  • Effects that improve a Killer’s hearing, such as the perk “Stridor” or the add-on “Swing Chains,” will only be heard from the Killer’s perspective. Survivors will no longer hear themselves as louder when the Killer is running such effects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Killers to have to reposition themselves in order to retry damaging a generator from the narrow side.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed killers players to see the generator aura from the perk “Blast Mine” when playing as Victor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the survivor and killer to get stuck between two rocks near the near the Yamaoka’s exit gate
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent projectile killer from passing through certain planks.

With all the changes and fixes to killer in Update 5.1, killer gameplay should be smoother than before.