Dead Island 2 Playable Characters and Special Abilities

Dambuster Studios

Zombie action game Dead Island 2 is coming out later this month, allowing players to explore the Hell-A quarantine zone's open world, killing zombies to their hearts' content. Players don't take on the role of some faceless survivor, however - there are a number of Slayers players can choose from, each with distinct personalities and abilities.

Set 10 years after the original Dead Island, Dead Island 2 takes place in the zombie-infested cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, where players must contend with endless hordes of ravenous undead - almost indistinguishable from real life.

Dead Island 2 Playable Characters

According to the game's official website, Dead Island 2 features six Slayers, or playable characters.

Character Name

Special Ability


Backstab: Increased damage to attacks from behind


Bloodlust: Heals when killing zombies quickly


Relief Pitcher: Regains stamina when hitting a zombie with a thrown weapon


Feral: Gains a stacking damage boost when attacking quickly


Retaliation: Gains force when blocking and dodging


Dig Deep: Gains toughness at low health

Those are the six characters available to play as when Dead Island 2 launches. Personally, I'm partial to Jacob's Feral ability, as it fits my playstyle of "go as fast as possible" in zombie games. The whole point is that the zombies are slow, right?

Check out the pre-order editions and system requirements of Dead Island 2 to learn more about the game, which releases later this month.