Dead Island 2 Release Date Leaked

Image courtesy of Dambuster Studios

The release date for zombie RPG Dead Island 2 has seemingly been leaked, after momentarily appearing on Amazon.

Dead Island 2 has had a rocky history. A trailer for the sequel gained a lot of attention back in 2014, featuring a jogger running along a coastal strip, unaware of the zombie outbreak happening around him due to having his earphones in. The jogger himself soon succumbs to the infection and joins the horde, only to be taken out by some zombie hunters in a kitted out truck.

For the most part, that was the last we saw of Dead Island 2 for quite some time. The development of the game changed hands from mulitple studios, before finally landing in the laps of Deep Silver internal studio, Dambuster Studios.

Finally, almost eight years after its announcement, it seems Dead Island 2 might have a release date.

Dead Island 2 Release Date Leaked Via Amazon

According to the leak, Dead Island 2 is set for release Feb. 3, 2023. The release date comes via an early listing that appeared on Amazon and has since been removed, however the product remains on the website.

Twitter user Wario64 shared screenshots taken from a since-removed Amazon listing for the game, revealing the game will take place “across the most iconic locations” in Los Angeles, from “the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills to the quirky promenade of Venice Beach.”

The set-up is standard zombie fare: “HELL-A” has been overrun by the virus and left to rot in quarantine by the military. A handful of people have proven not just immune to the virus, but able to harness it in the form of special powers. These select few will uncover the mystery behind the outbreak and save the city.

Players choose their avatar from among six characters with distinct personalities and dialogues, but with the same set of customizable abilities that can be re-specced instantly and at will. The game is played in first-person, just as its predecessor.

Without confirmation, it's unclear if this is the game's official release date or was simply a placeholder on Amazon's website. The listing is accompanied by boxart and some select screenshots from the upcoming game.

Developers Dambuster Studios have yet to confirm the leaks. Until then, fans should remain cautious.