Dead Space Remake Livestream to Offer First look

Photo courtesy of EA

Developer Motive Studio has scheduled a livestream to show-off a preview of the upcoming Dead Space remake.

Announced in a tweet from the official Dead Space Twitter account, EA and Motive Studios will be holding a livestream on Twitch, giving fans "a very early look" at where they're at with the Dead Space remake.

The livestream is intended so show the direction in which Motive Studio will be taking the game. Fans will be walked through some of the early steps by Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme. The livestream will also feature members of the Dead Space Community Council, a selection of fans brought on to help consult on the remake.

How to Watch Dead Space Remake Livestream

The preview will be streaming on Motive Studio's official Twitch channel on Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. ET.

It's unclear exactly what can be expected from the livestream. The only glimpse fans have had so far came from the Dead Space remake reveal trailer earlier this year as part of EA Play Live. The trailer showed a quick look at the USG Ishimura as well as a glimpse of an approaching Necromorph, all rebuilt using the Frostbite engine. EA and Motive have promised all-new assets, environments, and models for the upcoming remake.

The livestream may offer fans a deeper look into what is being reworked for this rebuilt Dead Space but, with this being a very early look, it's advisable to go in with reasonable expectations.