Dead Space Remake Preorders Get Additional Free Game

Motive Studios

Players who preorder the upcoming Dead Space remake will get an additional game for free.

A remake of EA's 2008 survival horror game of the same name, Dead Space is set to release on Jan. 27, 2023. The remake will retain the same plot as the original, but is being developed on EA's Frostbite engine, previously used to develop Star Wars: Squadrons and the single-player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II.

It will feature new and redesigned assets, character models and environments, all to take advantage of modern console systems. Isaac Clarke will also be fully voiced in the remake, having been mostly silent in the original.

Preorders for the game have been live for some time, but now players have been given an extra incentive to get their copy pinned down.

Dead Space Remake Preorders Get Additional Free Game

Players who preorder Dead Space remake on PC will receive a free copy of Dead Space 2 on Steam.

Dead Space 2, which normally sits at $20, is the 2011 sequel to the original which continues the story of Isaac Clarke. Sadly, though, the offer doesn't extend to Xbox and PlayStation players. While Dead Space 2 is playable on the Xbox Series X|S thanks to backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360, the game isn't available on PlayStation.

Xbox players still have more options available to them. Subscribers to EA Play will have access to all Dead Space games as part of the subscription, including co-op enabled Dead Space 3.