Deadlock McCree Overwatch: McCree Receives Latest Storm Rising Skin

Deadlock McCree skin is the latest to be revealed for the Overwatch Storm Rising event. Overwatch Archives events are glimpses in the past and allow players to get a chance to try out old Overwatch missions.

On top of that, the Overwatch community receives skins of characters past.

Deadlock McCree Skin

McCree was apart of the legendary Deadlock Gang back in the day and had a relationship with Ashe. Eventually, he was recruited by Blackwatch and turned onto the straight and narrow, that is until Blackwatch went rogue.

This skin is leagues better than some of the already announced. We've seen the likes of Clown Junkrat, Talon Baptiste, or Scientist Moira.

The event seems to take place some time after the King’s Row mission. Reinhardt recently had something happen to him so he is sidelined. The mission will have Tracer leading with Mercy, Genji, and Winston as support. It looks like you will be hunting down Doomfist or his shell company in Havana, Cuba.

It begins on April 16.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard