Deadrop Release Date Yet to Be Announced

Deadrop is still quite a ways from release.
Deadrop is still quite a ways from release. / Courtesy of Midnight Society

Deadrop is the first game in development at Midnight Society, the AAA studio co-founded and fronted by Guy "Dr DisRespect" Beahm. The game fits the Doc's aesthetic to a T, complete with dystopian '80s and '90s retrofuturism and rain-slick metropolises.

Midnight Society revealed the first details of the game to the public this week, with select influencers and members of the press getting their hands on a small demo to play through. The studio has also detailed its approach to Web3 and NFTs, and revealed it's working in Unreal Engine 5.

Unfortunately for fans of grimdark PvPvE shooters, Midnight Society has yet to reveal when players can expect the game to be released. All we know is that players who buy in to the game's Founders Access Pass will be able to play early versions of the game and contribute feedback. That likely means we'll see several rounds of testing over the course of at least several months before full release arrives.

To sign up for early access to the game, players can buy Access Passes through the game's site. Passes are released in limited waves, and for now purchases are closed.