Death Stranding Amelie: Get to Know the Character

Death Stranding Amelie is one of the characters in Hideo Kojima's upcoming action adventure game.

With Death Stranding set to release Friday, let's get to know one of the main characters.

Death Stranding Amelie: Get to Know the Character

Well, much like a lot of the Death Stranding cast, not much is known about Amelie, but we do know that she is is an important official of the United Cities of America, who wants to become the next President of the United Cities to honor her mothers vision. As a result of her body being stranded on "the beach" she is unable to age, so she's looked the way she has for the past ten years. This does have some benefit. Thanks to her connection to the beach, she is able to sense BTs, the game's enemies, to great effect.

Amelie is modeled after a young Lindsay Wagner, but voiced by Emily O'Brien .

Death Stranding will be Hideo Kojima's first title since his split from Konami. The game will be an open world action game with an emphasis on the ties between life and death.

The game is set to release Friday on PlayStation 4.

Image courtesy of Kojima Productions