Death Stranding Briefing Trailer

Death Stranding's Briefing trailer is all over the internet right now. The Tokyo Game Show 2019 got to see the beginnings of a brand new title by the legendary Hideo Kojima—known as Death Stranding. There's nearly over an hour of footage about the game including gameplay, cutscenes, and story building information.

Here's what we can tell you about the Briefing trailer.

Death Stranding Briefing Trailer

Kojima's Death Stranding is a post-apocalyptic story game about the rebuilding of America after the total collapse of civilization as we know it. It follows Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges as he tries to rescue the whole of humanity from extinction in a landscape filled with threats.

The Briefing trailer displays this nicely. It takes place in what might just be the Oval Office in the United States' White House and goes through the story of what happened to Amelie and the restoration attempts over the past three years.

The cutscene opens with Sam encountering Die-Hardman and Amelie in the office and refusing to go along with their plan at first. It turns out he left their outfit, called Bridges, in the past. Amelie, daughter of a woman named Bridget, took the best of the organization and traveled west in an attempt to put the country back together. She ended up being captured, brought to Edge Knot City, and remains there to this day.

It's up to Sam to bring a network of chiral terminals online and make his way to Edge Knot City in order to free Amelie.

There's a few bits of miscellaneous information such as Amelie stating she "can't grow old" and exactly who this Bridget woman is. She undoubtedly having some connection with the organization Bridges and Sam by extension. There's also the matter of voidouts—perhaps and advanced form of a black out?—and the matter of the Homo Demens who run Edge Knot City. Sam brushes them off as a terrorist group, but they appear to be more than that.

Fortunately, all we be revealed when Death Stranding launches for the Playstation 4 on Nov. 8.

More information about Death Stranding can be found on its website.

Image courtesy of Kojima Productions