Death Stranding Launch Trailer Released

The Death Stranding launch trailer was released Wednesday.

It's a doozy. Coming in at a whopping 7 minutes, 54 seconds, the trailer keeps Death Stranding a mystery. That's an impressive feat for how long the game has been in production.

Death Stranding Launch Trailer

First off, the music is breath-taking. It's called "BB's Theme" and it's by Ludvig Forssell featuring Jenny Plant. The whole trailer is a work of art and seems to tell three different parts. One where Sam Bridges is told to travel west to revive a type of terminal which will help repair America in an apocalyptic future. Another where he is trying to come with terms on what he's done and a third on protecting a clone of a baby?

The trailer is meant to be disjointed and haunting, and it succeeds in both respects. The game is set to release Nov. 8 for PlayStation 4 at first, and then possibly on PC in 2020.

Photo courtesy of Kojima Productions