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Deathloop Aleksis: How to Find and Defeat Him

Courtesy of Arkane Lyon

Deathloop's Aleksis has already started causing problems for players.

Deathloop, Arkane studios new game and spiritual successor to the Dishonored franchise has just launched. This new action assassin-centered game puts the player in a 60s inspired setting and tasks them with killing various targets. One of which, Aleksis, can be quite tricky to find.

Deathloop Aleksis: How to Find and Defeat Him

Aleksis is known to be at a party that can only be accessed at night. This party is in Dorsey Manor in the Updaam area. Just going to the party and finding him is not simple, however, as every member of the party is wearing a wolf mask. It is the player's role to identify which of these people is Aleksis and then dispose of them. Players have a few routes to find him as well.

In the cellar of the manor, the player overhears that Aleksis loves chocolate beer. moving through the cellar and past the laser mines, the valve for the chocolate beer can be turned off. This can lead to Aleksis revealing himself by making a fuss about the lack of his favorite drink. As of Sept. 16 this may be bugged, many players report no reaction from Aleksis after doing this.

Another route is to go to Aleksis' room in the manor and find a four-digit sequence that is known as Aleksis' famous beat. Put this code into a DJ machine on the 2nd floor and Aleksis will react to his music being played. You can take him out when he reveals who he is as the music plays, but this may cause the guards to all to converge on you, forcing the player to fight their way out.

This mission in Deathloop and many others like it give players multiple ways to go about completing a mission with varying degrees of risk. Just like Dishonored before it, the game is focused not only on the action but the moral decisions a player makes. Players can hunt down Aleksis and many other targets in Deathloop today, as it is officially launched on PC and PS5.