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Deathloop Pre-Order Bonus: Was It Worth it?

Photo courtesy of Bethesda

Bethesda's new, and long-awaited, first-person shooter Deathloop released Tuesday, exclusively on PS5 and PC. Reviews are in and people are going wild for the game, consistently giving it perfect ratings and even calling it "a masterpiece." Those who got on the hype-train early and pre-ordered DEATHLOOP received some exclusive rewards. Just what did Bethesda offer to those who pre-ordered their newest release? Let's find out.

Deathloop Pre-Order Bonus: Was It Worth it?

No matter what version DEATHLOOP players pre-ordered, either the standard or deluxe edition, they received exclusive bonuses. There were three bonuses: a weapon, skin, and random buff.

The first bonus was a unique weapon, the "Royal Protector Machete." This melee weapon variant has a fun design with a leather-wrapped handle and cracked steel blade that provides a fun contrast to the futuristic vibe given off by the rest of the game.

The second bonus item exclusive to pre-order is the "Storm Rider" Colt Skin. DEATHLOOP has a variety of skins, giving players various cosmetic options for different characters in the game. The "Storm Rider" skin, consisting of a tan hoodie and helmet, gives Colt a more casual, laidback look. The look contrasts his formal, suited "Party Crasher" skin he wears in many of the game's promotional materials.

DEATHLOOP Pre Order Bonus
Anyone who pre-ordered DEATHLOOP received three exclusive bonuses / Photo courtesy of Bethesda

The third, and final, bonus received as part of the pre-ordered game is one "Trinket," an equippable buff for players. Trinkets are various types of buff that can be equipped to either characters or weapons. The buff only slightly changes the cosmetic appearance of the weapon or character, but can provide various empowerments to players, ranging from small to large ways. Everything depends on the type of trinket players receive upon launching the game.

Players can purchase and play DEATHLOOP now, exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC.