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Deathloop Update Fixes NPC Reactions, Adds Controller Remapping & More

Photo from the Deathloop press kit
Photo from the Deathloop press kit / Photo via Bethesda

Deathloop recently came out with its second game update.

The update which came out on Nov. 18 can be downloaded on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Deathloop Update Fixes NPC Reactions, Adds Controller Remapping & More

The update consists of improved NPC reactions, new controller remapping, UI clarity updates and a new motion blur option for the PS5.

For example, NPCs can now have very basic reactions such as the ability to react to bullets passing close by, react when another is assassinated close by, and deduce the direction from which a grenade was thrown.

Players have been having overall positive reactions to the game, with one tweeting, "Deathloop is my contender for game of the year. It gets even better with every update."

Another fan simply tweeted, "Deathloop update good."

Not only does it fix the NPC behaviors, but it also adds multiple features that players have been waiting for since launch.

Deathloop Update Fixes NPC Behaviors and Controller Remapping
Screenshot of Deathloop's Patch Notes / Photo via Bethesda

Quality of life and UI updates are ones that tend to be left out despite their importance to players experience, so it's a good sign that the developers of Deathloop chose to give the players what they've been asking for.

The update also includes stability and connection-related issues, such as solving crashes and fixing issues with the “network connection to the server failed” message that pops up when players disconnect.

More on the patch notes can be read here and those interested in Deathloop can purchase the game on Steam for PC, or on the PlayStation store for PS5.