League of Legends

Debonair Leona Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Debonair Leona is one of seven skins revealed to join the Debonair skin line in League of Legends. The PBE introduced Leona, LeBlanc, Draven, Malzahar, Brand, Yi, Zed, & Debonair Brand Prestige Edition. Here's everything you need to know about Leona's new skin.

Debonair Leona Skin Splash Art

At the moment, Debonair Leona is the only one without splash art. But based on the other champions, green is going to be heavily involved.

Debonair Leona Skin Price

Riot Games hasn't announced a price point for any of the Debonair skins to date, but it's likely each skin will cost around 1,350 RP.

Debonair Leona Skin Release Date

Patch 11.23 goes live on Tuesday setting these skins up for the next patch in two weeks. You can expect these to go live on Nov. 30.

How to Get Debonair Leona Skin

Debonair Leona Skin will be available in the in-game store once the skins launch.