Deep Rock Galactic Haunted Caves Guide

Courtesy of Ghost Ship Games
Courtesy of Ghost Ship Games /

In Deep Rock Galactic, there are a group of special modifiers to the game that make it more challenging for the players. The most famous, and hardest, of this bunch is the Haunted Cave. This puts one of the players on the mission in constant danger of an unbeatable enemy, which must be worked around to win.

Deep Rock Galactic Haunted Caves

There are a number of modifiers in the game, but most of them have solutions or varying workarounds. The Haunted Cave, however, does not have this. This modifier will constantly be a threat until mission completion. This specific mutation brings in a ghostly enemy that looks like a Bulk Detonator, which explodes upon contact with a player. This version of the enemy does less damage than its standard counterpart, but it doesn't die upon explosion, it keeps following until the team dies or the mission is cleared.

There are ways to make this being less of a threat. Using slow-down abilities, players are able to give themselves temporary relief, but it will not last. In order to properly beat a level with this enemy patrolling, it is imperative to have a team set up specifically to deal with it. One strategy is to have a Scout to kite around said enemy allowing the rest of the team to deal with the killable enemies. This would take the Scout out of the rest of the game, making dealing with the enemies harder for the rest of the team, but trying to make the ghost as little of a threat as possible is the main goal.

This strategy, or others like it distracting the ghost, are the best ways to deal with it. This modifier definitely creates a much more difficult situation than any of the other ones, and while it is incredibly difficult, you can beat the level, just not the ghost.