Deino Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Deino Pokemon GO is part of the first wave of Black/White Pokemon to be introduced. Deino evolves into the fifth generation's Pseudo-Legendary Hydreigon. Here's how you can catch Deino and add this powerful Pokemon to your team.

Deino Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Deino will be available in the wild, as well as in 10 kilometer Eggs. Deino and its family are Dark and Dragon types, and the typing is among the most useful as you fight higher level Raid bosses.

Deino evolves into Zweilous with 25 Candy, and finally into Hydregon with 100 Candy. Hydreigon can learn a variety of powerful Dark and Dragon type moves, and even some off-type moves like the Water type Surf or Steel type Flash Cannon. Hydreigon features powerful stats and will sure to be a powerful new Pokemon.

Deino - Zweilous - Hydreigon
Deino - Zweilous - Hydreigon /

A good Dark type Pokemon will prove useful against many of the top tier Raid Bosses and EX Raid Bosses, as a lot of Legendary Pokemon are Psychic type. You can give it a shot against Deoxys or Mewtwo, as they are currently being featured as Raid bosses.

Photo courtesy of GAMEFREAK and Niantic.