DeKay Mailbag Part 1: What ENCE Will Do, What Happened with Kassad, and the Future of FURIA


This is Part 1 of DeKay's monthly mailbag series where he answers questions regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent in on Twitter.

I wouldn't say something really bad happened. They are just all professionals that came to a quick but honest conclusion that it wasn't going to work well. There is no reason to waste anyone's time when you can confidently tell this is the case.

Rest assured that almost every roster in EU with an opening has probably reached out to him. FaZe has definitely inquired but does that mean it's for sure going to happen? No. It's mainly going to be up to him to decide where he wants to play more than anything.

From what I've been told, Junior is still in their plans. I expect him to end up joining unless something new comes up. We will know for sure pretty soon.

I haven't heard one way or the other yet. Considering they had a great core of players, them moving on means I don't expect them back. It's not easy to get your hands on player like BnTeT and autimatic, so I'm not very hopeful for their future here. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

No. Expect him to link up with his former teammates at Extremum.

Not really. Very few contracts expire in the Spring. A majority are expiring right now as we reach the new year. I'm sure there might be a couple, but none that come to mind.

Unfortunately, without that source the story is dead. It was crucial to have that information and I don't think I can find it elsewhere. In fact, I know I can't find it elsewhere because I've tried. I'm hoping I can still publish it in 2021, we'll see.

I haven't heard anything but I'm hopeful for him. It has never been harder to get an in-game leader right now and he could definitely do that for someone at a competent level.

A little of both really. Autimatic is going to have tempting offers from Valorant, while the rest of the guys will have decent offers separately in CS:GO. I think the least likely option is them sticking together though, hardly anyone is looking to spend that kind of cash right now. They'd have to get a huge discount.

Ottond and Snappi have a couple great offers from what I've been told, as well some offers here and there for the other guys. A majority of them should find new homes before play resumes, in my opinion.

I have not heard rumors, but we are at a point in which they'll probably want to make changes if they cannot take that next step early next year. The trouble is, many teams want to play LAN again before writing off their rosters right now. How soon we get to do that may accelerate or delay what happens with teams. I will say, there is just too much talent in the CIS region for Na'Vi to stay complacent.

Asking them to return to Major final form means finding their new Aleksib. From what I've heard thus far, the options they are considering aren't quite as good. I expect them to replace about three players in total.

I'm curious myself. He is a fantastic talent and his signing to a better international or North American team is long overdue. I wish I knew why he has yet to join a new team. Perhaps COVID threw a wrench in things and we will see it in 2021.