DeKay Mailbag Part 2: Coronavirus Impact, Roster Rumors, and the Future of FPX in CSGO

Welcome to the final part of the March Mailbag.

This is something I've thought more and more about recently. The most honest answer is probably yes and no. I'll explain.

Counter-Strike and all of it's versions are my favorite games of all time, not only to play but to spectate. It was only natural that if I was ever going to work in the video game or esports industry, that I would be involved with them over anything else. However, it isn't my one and only passion in life.
I enjoy many other areas of work and have always worked on things outside of Counter-Strike during this four year journey I've been on.

I will say this, there is no other game I can see myself working around in life. It's either Counter-Strike or nothing for me. The only way I'm not working in the industry is if something else comes along and I find myself more passionate about it, to the point where working here feels like a chore. I gravitate towards what makes me happy and don't judge myself if what makes me happy changes.

I never received names but they were younger guys, younger than es3tag even. If I had to guess they are players on some of the smaller Danish teams that the players see potential in.

It has almost happened a couple of times in the past year or so. I do believe it happens before too long, depending on how FaZe do. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

I won't say it's impossible but I don't believe that will happen. Back when he left, I was told by multiple people that his influence was overstated by just about everyone publicly. That isn't to say he isn't a great coach, he is, but he didn't make as much of an impact as everyone believed. Therefore, I don't see a reunion unless the team feels like they have no other choice and really need help.

FPX has a spot in FLASHPOINT no matter what, they are a partner team. As far as what happened with their lineup, I believe they didn't like the idea of losing es3tag right after getting a team. Then, negotiations with Swole Patrol went south. From what I understand they weren't willing to pay them any salary. I have not heard what their agreement is with Bad News Bears. That's not the whole story of course, but the situation is a bit crazy.

I think buying into FLASHPOINT only to leave CS:GO would be a terrible business move. I think they'll stick around.

I think OG are actually in a great spot and I don't say that because they are undefeated in EPL. They have good talent and great leaders on the roster. I want to see them continue to have Aleksib call everything and micromanage the team. He has never had this much talent to work with, so I think through time he will get the best out of them. They have potential to become a top five team this year in my opinion.

I have not heard anything but I think it is safe to assume there will be no offline events until at least the third quarter of the calendar. Rescheduling will probably be next to impossible for most of these events so I believe we will live in a world where 2020 has dramatically less LAN tournaments. That said, once we do start playing them I expect the schedule to become jam packed. Many organizers will want to make up for lost time, if they can.

I don't have a ton of names for you, but yes there were. I think TSM is a great example of that. They were interested in joining but couldn't come up with a roster they were interested in enough. I can see them coming in at a later date, along with others.

Swaps between organizations almost always come down to if the player wants to make the move or not. If someone from Gen.G wants to leave, I can see the deal happening. Many traditional organizations are not interested in holding their players hostage, it creates a terrible environment.

At this point, I think you keep meyern and kNg while scrapping the rest. You build around them for the time being and replace one or the other in the future if need be. I think everyone on the team is working hard, but hard work doesn't always bring results. The approach must be on point as well and it isn't right now.

s1mple strikes me as someone who values structure and leadership, so I don't ever see a world in which he joins FaZe. I do think he can win a Major with Na'Vi. They were my favorites to win the ESL One Rio Major before the pandemic issue surfaced.


In time I see them being a top ten lineup, but not top five. There is just too much firepower in the top five for them to hang there anytime soon. I really love their lineup, but they would need another upgrade somewhere for me to believe they have that type of potential.

I don't think going international is for every team, but for certain regions it makes sense. MIBR wouldn't be a bad idea if you can't get a hold of some of the FURIA players.

From what I understand EHOME will disband and the players will join TyLoo as a secondary team. I haven't done the legwork to see what else is going on there or if what I said is already public.

Quite the opposite actually. I think just about everyone would move over, even if it wasn't the greatest game. Everyone will remember back to what happened before with NiP and not want to lose out on that initial learning experience they gained by switching sooner.