DeKay Mailbag Part 2: The Bubzkji Situation, Conflict of Interest, and Free Agent Activity


Welcome to Part 2 of the DeKay Mailbag, a monthly feature in which Counter-Strike reporter and insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis answers questions from readers on Twitter. Do you have a question you'd like to see in a future mailbag? Tweet @dekay.

I'm sure he might be in the back of their mind in case things get really bad, but no one is at that point yet and likely won't be this year. Online play can be so misleading with their own performances as well as how good a more unknown player might look.

No information for you, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It just hasn't hit my radar at any point.

Rumors of him getting benched circled prior to their Flashpoint victory. I had multiple people telling me it was very solid information to report, but I held off anyway because it didn't feel right at the time. From everything I have heard, it was a clash within the team rather than him getting poached. Either way, I still think he will have interest so it really depends how much MAD Lions want for him.

None of it has to be disclosed publicly and I haven't heard all that much privately about it, but I can only assume it's being resolved. The last thing anyone wants to do is end up as the reason their team can't play at a Major.

From what I can tell, bymas will remain with them for the time being.

I have heard some frustrations with the format, but I think the fact that most teams believe no Major happens in 2020 means there will just be more opportunities to pick up points. We are in uncharted territory with this system and the industry right now, so it's not surprising that things won't be perfectly fair. As we get closer to the points mattering is when I believe you will hear complaints publicly, but that is likely when it will be too late.

This is a similar situation to some of the teams in North America, where they would have to feel extremely strong that any issues they have now would not resolve themselves on LAN. I think the more likely scenario is one of their players jumping ship to play somewhere else.

Him and oskar seem like they are in similar situations. Both players have been very good for a very long time, but the lack of teams making changes and their age are working against them.

He has taken time away from the game to enjoy some of his hobbies and to take a break from the years of constant travel. He has done a few things relating to Motorsport, so it's not like he has disappeared entirely. I don't know what his plans are this year beyond that, though.

I haven't heard anything and if they did, they would have to buy him from Godsent. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that is probably unlikely. We will see how long they keep him inactive for.

I have no information here, so I can only guess. If you base it on statistics, chrisJ would be the guy they replace. However, he is so versatile and is one of the most helpful players in the world for an in-game leader. Therefore, it probably comes down to how karrigan feels about his contribution. If it wasn't chrisJ, I would only assume that frozen would be the guy to go. There is a world in which they don't make any changes though, similarly to most other teams.

I would hope that he is but I have not heard his name mentioned at all. When LAN resumes, I believe that he will still be a top option, especially of 100T are looking.

A majority of them returned and qualified for DreamHack Open Summer, which is a good start considering they entered the event with no practice. I reported recently that they had interest in returning and I can only imagine they will commit to that. Getting an organization to support them will be tough in this climate, so they'll have to perform well to get it.

I can almost guarantee that hallzerk going to Fnatic is something that has never been discussed. Beyond that, I don't expect either team to make changes anytime soon.