DeKay Mailbag Part 2: What's Next for Kjaerbye, Options for oBo, and Thoughts on Valve


The possible destinations are pretty extensive, however it appears most organizations aren't that interested. It's not that they don't think that core can be good, but they are tentative about jumping back into CS:GO. The demands from the players aren't too extreme, so I think if they can find the right organization it will happen. Just a matter of time, if they commit to sticking together instead of splitting up. We will see.

That is of course assuming he still wants to coach. He has always been able to comfortably stream on Twitch and do other things. So it comes down to that more than anything else. The number of top competitive North American teams left means there aren't really any options at the moment.

If I had to pick between the two, I would still prefer that it stays the way it is now. I won't lie though, recently the idea of having a controlling overlord sounds more interesting than it ever has. The way they've handled the coaching bug and the jamppi situation has soured the way I feel about Valve.

I think there is definitely a chance. I expect him to go back to the Danish scene so that makes the most sense to me. It might not happen anytime soon though, I'm going to assume his buyout isn't cheap and North are not willing to pay much right now.

I don't think five open spots with Team Liquid, FURIA, and Evil Geniuses likely holding three of them is enough motivation for an organization to jump in. Outside of the $2 Million prize pool, having stickers in the game doesn't have the same appeal it once did. This is why I wish Valve would allow us to help crowdfund the prize pool and make it a bigger deal.

Both are actively looking for new teams but I haven't heard of anything on the horizon. They could be great assets to a team together or separate. Hopefully more news on that soon.

It still feels like they never played enough with one specific lineup and coach to really make a final decision on how good they can actually be. Therefore, I think if they play consistently without any speedbumps for a few months, we will finally be able to make a distinction. I do believe they will be a top 10 team with this lineup, but I'm not sure the firepower will be high enough in the right places to battle with Vitality, Astralis, and Na'Vi.

I think someone picks him up rather quickly. It would be ridiculous to overlook such a good young talent that has some great experience under his belt now. He is free, so you aren't giving up much. It will just come down to what his offers are more than anything else. He won't be a free agent for very long, in my opinion.

Ultimately that will come down to where the RMR events take place. From what I have gathered, none of the organizers really want to split up the events like they were previously. Hopefully, if teams qualify for RMR events from other regions, they will be able to get to them one way or another. I don't expect Valve to help in any way though, sadly.

Absolutely. It has always stood the test of time and always will, as long as Counter-Strike has Valve's support. I don't believe it would be the best FPS if we were still playing CS:GO in 20 to 30 years. A new version would absolutely have to exist.