DeKay Mailbag Part 2: Where oBo Could Go, What ENCE Will Do, and Options for GODSENT


Welcome to Part 2 of Jarek "DeKay" Lewis' monthly mailbag series. Part 1 can be found here.

FPX have had several chances to grab a top team and have even had several deep discussions with them but every time chose not to lock them down. I don't know if their hesitation stems entirely from their experience with Heroic or not but it's clearly there. At first it appeared zehN leaving would jeopardize the deal but he has remained with GODSENT for now, so it's really hard to say.

Their options for Tier 1 teams are pretty limited right now, unless they really break the bank. I don't expect that to happen.

There was interest yes but I think Extremum were able to offer the most from what I can tell and by the obvious. They have serious investment behind them and seem to have a legitimate operation going on.

I haven't heard anything specifically about him recently, but you would probably imagine he lands somewhere in North America. Gen.G is an obvious spot to me but we will have to see. It comes down to interest by other teams in him and how motivated Complexity is to offload him. Losing him to Valorant is always a possibility too you would imagine based on the rest of North America.

From my experience: Team Liquid, Cloud9, Complexity, G2, and Evil Geniuses in no particular order.

Well being the best team in the world isn't easy, so I can't really do anything other than give them credit for what they've done thus far. Right now rankings are extremely subjective, but I think maintaining a top ten spot and often top five is more then enough given it's all being done online. Let's see how they do when things to back to normal, other than that I don't want change.

You would have to imagine zehN might still be an option but outside of that I think you have to look into the depths of Finnish Counter-Strike. If it's not him, I don't have any information just yet. Let's see how things play out.

From what I have gathered, there isn't any rush to grab a sixth player just yet. I'm sure it will happen but it's not at the top of their list of priorities. The last thing they need as they build their foundation is to disrupt it with trying to embed a sixth player.

I suggest you read this.

With the project that dead and TACO have in the works, it's almost a certainty that BOOM at least lose one player with felps. Beyond that, it's hard to say just yet. Given the little bit of life that this MIBR team has shown, I can see them trying to flesh it out a bit. BOOM would be the place to look more than anywhere else.

I think it will be a mixed bag. While the opportunities are limited for North American teams, this will separate who is in it for money and who is in it for trophies. If you are truly dedicated to the game, you'll find a way to make it work as a player and with a team. Those who stick it out will get rewarded for their efforts, but they must throw away all expectations of organizational support right now.

It sucks that it has come to this, but it's the reality of the game. It doesn't make money for a majority of stakeholders and eventually that matters.

From what I was told, he is stand-in until they can find someone to fit the role they want. There are only so many in-game leaders available to grab so finding one on short notice is always almost impossible. Their best option at this point is probably MSL.

Their weakness at times is a lack of a true in-game leader despite Stewie being pretty good at the role in general. Their greatest strength is the total amount of skill they posses. It can be easy to get frustrated when you have that much talent in one place and it doesn't always pan out. Online play is a great equalizer for talent heavy teams and that has hurt them for sure.