DeKay Mailbag Part 3: Cogu's Project, What's Next for woxic, and Possible Roster Moves


This is Part 3 of DeKay's monthly mailbag series where he answers questions regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent in on Twitter.

Given what has happened with him thus far, I just can't see him going to a top organization and staying long term. It's clear that he is in a unique situation that makes it difficult to have a cohesive team environment, which is no one's fault in particular. I can see him going to a smaller international team soon and doing what he always has done, being one of the best players.

The project has potential but unfortunately will be hampered for as long as VSM is a part of the core, due to the unfortunately situation with his VAC ban. In an environment where teams are struggling to find organizations, adding that into the mix will make things difficult. Most of the players are under contract too, which doesn't help. I think it will be a while until it happens, if at all. Hopefully I am wrong.

I am very confident that stavn was one of the two, but I never heard for sure who the other player was. He has been very committed to Heroic and that seems to still be the case.

From what I was told they were only advised on the best way to approach getting a team, but have yet to follow through on making it actually happen. It's another case of people taking things extra cautious right now with all of their business decisions. Hopefully they end up getting a team though.

Valve were very straightforward in their statement that they won't allow a license to organizers that try to enforce strict exclusivity. I haven't heard of one in the works and it would be a huge mistake to try and create one. Most of the prominent organizations are tied to ESL for a couple more years, so I don't expect much change for a while.

At this point, it probably makes the most sense to do that. However, finding an organization to pay the amounts they likely want for salary and to buy all three of them, will be next to impossible. So if it happens, it will probably happen when they are free agents. That could be soon or in six months, impossible to know for sure.

I never heard anything about teams trying to recruit him, so I'm going to have to assume he had little to no interest. I'm not sure if we will ever see him playing at the top level of Counter-Strike again.

That ultimately hinges on if the organization they end up with is willing to pay buyouts for the final two players or not. If we are talking free agents I would definitely add woxic, so long as the team situation fits him properly. Outside of him I would look at oBo.

Mousesports have always been an organization that isn't willing to stretch their finances to areas they aren't comfortable. It is part of the reason they have always been here. FaZe can offer more in salary if he joins as a free agent and karrigan is definitely on the tail end of his career, despite being one of the best in-game leaders. Getting to play with rain is a huge bonus for him and don't forget about coldzera, he still has something to prove.

I have no info there, I wish I did. I hope he didn't sign too long of a contract that will hold him hostage. It's unfortunate really. I wish I had more information on how something like that even transpired.