DeKay Mailbag Part 3: Coronavirus' Effect on CS:GO, Options for Vitality, and Valve's Approach in 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of the DeKay Mailbag, a monthly feature in which Counter-Strike reporter and insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis answers questions from readers on Twitter. Do you have a question you'd like to see in a future mailbag? Tweet @dekay. Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

I have no idea, but it wouldn't surprise me. They are going to struggle trying to replace what BnTeT offered for them and I doubt one change will leave them happy with the direction of the team.

I don't expect them to make one before the Major, but they are a team I could see making some moves if they don't perform well enough. I have no idea what changes they would make, but there is plenty of time before that happens.

I don't have a flashy answer for you here. Numbers don't tell the whole story, so I wouldn't read into what shox did too much. There is still a little bit of a systemic issue with the roster that they all need to sort out together. If I had to choose, I replace one of either RpK or apEX but I have no idea who they pick up to do that. It's probably one of the reasons I'd like to see if they can work out what is going wrong without making a change.

With enough time and dedication, Complexity is absolutely a tier 1 team in CS:GO. We have seen flashes of brilliance in their short time together and it's only going to get better for them. They might have to tweak a few things, but that is a "when" situation, rather than "if" they'll reach tier 1. Gen.G have a beautiful structure in place that allows their stars to flourish, which is a fantastic sign so early on. I think they knock on the door of Tier 1 and upset a good amount of teams once BnTeT can receive and provide communication more efficiently. As for Cloud9, they would have to make a good amount of changes to get to that point. Floppy is the lone bright spot for me on that team, but that's about it.

It would be a tremendous feat to sit out as long as he has and come back to play at a high level. I have no insight on his personal situation though, just that I hope people didn't have high expecatations.

No one knows what their plans are, but I feel like we are due for an increase in prize pool or some sort of change that allows the community to provide some more support other than buying stickers. My guess would be that the second Major of the year or starting next year will have something new and different. I could be completely wrong though.

Absolutely. Just the trio of KennyS, huNter, and nexa alone will knock off some giants if they get comfortable enough together. Those are some heavy hitters and still have much left to prove about what they can accomplish in the server. This lineup was always going to take time and now we are seeing what they are capable of. I can see them reaching top 5 status and holding it, if they get their system working properly.

They could happen tomorrow or do nothing until after the Major. Last I had heard, nothing had been officially decided just yet. Perhaps they've decided what they'll do now, but that was the word recently.

Most teams need more time. I'm normally the last person that advocates for roster moves, but here are a few of each for you.

Teams that need a roster move: MIBR, VP, Liquid (if their next big event is a flop)
Teams that need time: EG, Vitality, Complexity, G2, ENCE

No, I don't. Have you really seen anything recently that warrants him playing at that level?

Not a single word. Not that it hasn't happened, I just haven't heard about either of them being discussed.

It's looking likely, as evidenced by Copenhagen Flames putting him on the bench. This all came as a result of LETN1 and his visa, so it's not a guarantee that it's permanent.

I think they are open to the idea and I think they don't really have much of a choice, with the lack of good up and coming French players. If they do, I imagine they would do it piece by piece over time, rather than all at once like that.

They seem in a good place, we just haven't seen a ton of them due to them not being in BLAST Premier. I like their structure and they all appear very motivated and structured properly. I'm excited for their 2020 run.

Every little bit helps, but if it's anything like the stickers, it won't really do all that much with only two Majors per year. I won't complain though, it's definitely another step in the right direction.

I have always been annoyed by the smoke myself personally, so yes I would like it cleaned up a bit. They don't have to remove it entirely, but make it a bit more easy on the eyes when trying to look over one would be great.

If they continue to slide, I would assume so yes. Right now though, I think they are committed on improving together for the Major. Perhaps there is a world where Liquid and EG do some shuffling between the two, but who knows right now.

I really do think the guy has done enough to warrant a place on a team internationally and especially in North America. If Acilion didn't have some of the history he has had with members of c0ntact, I could definitely have seen them going that route.

I don't know if anyone is interested in buying him after the way he played recently. That is a ton of money to pay for a guy that is probably towards the latter stages of his playing career.

I do think it will have a heavy effect on events there. It might be a year or so before we see teams return there. Teams will play this very cautious, even if there is a vaccine. There have been rumors for a while that the second Major of 2020 could have been in Asia, but that's looking very unlikely now. Unfortunate situation all around.