DeKay Mailbag Part 3: Rumored B Site Teams, Interest in Luken, and League Structures

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Welcome to Part 3 of the DeKay Mailbag, a semi-regular feature in which Counter-Strike reporter and insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis answers questions from readers on Twitter. Do you have a question you'd like to see in a future mailbag? Tweet @dekay.

In Part 2 of this Mailbag, questions about many free agent or benched players were answered and discussed at length. In this third and final part, a mixed bag of team, league, and player questions are covered.

Making that roster would mean FaZe would have to buy MSL and niko from IGC, while also buying KRIMZ from Fnatic. That isn’t something that organization would allow after spending so much on coldzera. Beyond that, olofmeister doesn’t strike me as someone willing to play with MSL as an in-game leader but I could be wrong. As I said in a previous part of the mailbag, MSL could help FaZe a ton if they were willing to go that route.

The other teams I’ve heard mentioned are MAD Lions, Dignitas, and Gen.G. There are probably more that are locked in as well that I haven't heard. Things aren’t final yet either, so more could join up at any time.

I have not but if he wanted to come back, he could probably find himself on a Pro League level team pretty easily though. AWPers are few and far between.

Right now with the current Gen.G lineup, the person feeling most confident with it should be using it. Koosta hasn’t main AWPed for a long time, while autimatic has been for a while and seems confident with it. Therefore, I think he is the best man for the job at this point in time. In the future, they can get an AWPer if it doesn’t work out and move him back to rifle.

I have heard of multiple North American teams showing interest in him, but his buyout isn’t necessarily cheap. It isn’t unrealistic, but anyone wanting him will have to pay just as much as MIBR did for meyern. Therefore, the amount of organizations who have the resources to buy him are limited. I think he will stay put for a while before eventually moving on, maybe after the Rio Major.

I haven’t heard a specific reason, so maybe something does exist behind the scenes. I believe he deserves another shot somewhere, just so we know for certain if he can be a difference maker or not.

There aren’t a lot of possible moves left on the table, from what I’m aware of. Teams are gearing up for the next run of events and the Major, so I don’t expect many big moves to happen until the middle of the year.

I don’t have any news to share just yet with him, I haven’t heard anything. You would think he skill alone would demand a look from a few organizations, but it just hasn’t happened yet from what I know.

I like a ton of guys on their roster but fear they lack a bit of firepower. It’s tough because they have a ton of great experience on that roster but eventually you have to get more punchy. I see them as a team that can break into the top 20 but beyond that it will be tough without a change or two.

I’ve heard dycha mentioned for a long time, but never did the groundwork to verify if that was true or not. Many believe it will happen though.

Not that I’ve heard of.

There are places you could get away with it online with a good enough cheat, but it’s next to impossible at any reputable upper-tier LAN tournament.

  • Player: BnTeT
  • Team: Na’Vi
  • Tournament: Cologne

I haven’t heard anything about them making a move anytime soon. I would be shocked if they all got picked up by a new organization only to want to make a move. The right time to have made a move would have been prior to making the switch from AVANGAR.

I haven’t circled back to check on what direction they’re going, but yay is one of the best options for them at this point in time.

Both sides had their legitimate reasons to move on, although that video from ENCE was completely pointless. They said absolutely nothing in it. It probably best if everything about that situation remains private and both parties just go their separate ways.

Not that I have heard of just yet. It’s still a little early I would say.

Right now players get a fraction of team revenue share numbers, which are a very small percentage of league revenue. The “B Site” league will be the first league that has a direct revenue share number that goes straight to players. I don’t know what total percentage that equates to but no league will ever give more than half of the revenue to players. That’s just not realistic.

I haven’t heard anything, so I don’t have an answer for you there.

Not that I’ve heard of.

I’m afraid starting from scratch is the only option there. I don’t see a route with the current members that make sense.

I’ve heard wardell’s name a few times but nothing ever materialized. D0cC is a name I’ve never heard mentioned anywhere in the professional community. I’m not sure what keeps teams from signing wardell, but it could also be him turning some of them down. We don’t really know for sure.

Picking up an entirely different football team is harder than changing five Counter-Strike players. If organizations owned it, nothing would stop them from making it into a league and then picking up another team that is better that didn’t make it. Then, those who earned it would be out of a spot. Having spots remain with players is the better but not perfect option between the two.