DeKay Mailbag Part 3: Who Could Captain FaZe, suNny's Status, and How Valve Could Help


This is Part 3 of DeKay's monthly mailbag series where he answers questions regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent in on Twitter.

I think their first choice would be Karrigan, which comes down to what FaZe wants to offer him once his contract expires here in a couple of months. Mousesports doesn't like to pay outside of their specific comfort zone, so it will be up to him to decide where he wants to end up. He is the best captain you can get, outside the likes of gla1ve. If they do get him, it would help immediately. However, I don't see who they can even get that would make sense if he doesn't join.

It's extremely likely, yes.

This is a great question and a hard one to answer honestly. We just saw GODSENT search for an in-game leader for a couple of months and they came up empty-handed. I know chrisJ can do it here and there, but ideally, you'd want something similar to Karrigan. I think they'd have no other choice but to pick from MSL or Snappi if they want to keep the same structure. Perhaps they don't want to though.

I think Vanity would have been an option had Stewie not played with Fallen previously. I think his time with MIBR has created a vision for what he felt the team needs at this point in time.

I don't think he is someone they ever considered nor will. He will have to grind back to the top I'm afraid.

It's still early to know where he will go exactly, but I'm happy to hear he wants to stay playing Counter-Strike. He says he is okay with playing in NA or EU but I feel like European teams would feel a bit hesitant to pick him up due to the way he left Complexity. Either way, I think he'll find a good home. He is too promising of a talent not to.

The only new organization I know of that will be relevant is Extremum. Outside of them and the organization dead and TACO go with, I can't think of any newcomers. The economic situation is tough right now and everyone wants into Valorant. That's okay though, we will be just fine.

It was effectively agreed to with him needing to give them his final word to officially sign before the holidays. However, that didn't happen. I believe that's because he is evaluating all of his offers or got another more promising offer. It's pretty much a waiting game at this point.

I think ESL makes the most sense since they didn't get to do the one in Brazil.

Valve could, but it's unlikely they ever will. They would be an immediate help by looking into all of the match-fixing and cheating that has taken place within the region, instead of letting the overwhelmed ESIC try to do it. I think cleaning things up would help more than anything. Again, they won't do that though. Tweeting memes is more fun.

I absolutely hope so, but I haven't heard them mentioned at all just yet. I think the time for them and others to hop in is when things are back to normal. Maybe toward the end of the year, we see some movement. I could just be being hopeful though.

That really depends on who they get as a fifth player. Right now I have them at that same spot as a playoff team. However, if they add an absolute stud they could take that next step.

No information right now, but it does shock me that he has been available for so long without anyone picking him up. Either c0ntact are asking too much money for him or there is something I'm not aware of. He seems like a promising talent.