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Demeo: PC Edition Launches April 7

Image courtesy of Resolution Games

The VR turn-based RPG Demeo will be getting an early access PC release next Spring, with all-new features heading to the upcoming edition.

Resolution Games have announced Demeo: PC Edition, which brings the tabletop inspired RPG to early access via Steam. Originally released as a VR game back earlier this year, this co-op adventure from Left 4 Dead's Lead Designer Mike Booth sees up to four players work together in order to banish the evil living in the province of Helmaar.

A PC version of Demeo certainly seems like the next logical step, bringing this immersive dungeon crawler to an even wider audience. CEO and founder of Resolution Games, Tommy Palm, said, "The reception from players has been incredible — and with the PC Edition, we’re looking forward to bringing an authentic tabletop experience to even more players.

"This is the real deal for desktop gamers, as we’re completely rebuilding Demeo for a native PC experience."

In addition, Demeo: PC Edition will also utilize cross-play, enabling players to group up with VR users to embark on their journey. A new PvP Mode will also turn the collaborative quest into a competitive battle, enabling up to four players to battle it out against each other to rise up as the true champion.

Along with the PC Edition, Resolution Games have released the latest Roots of Evil update. This free update brings with it a new Bard hero class as the fifth playable champion. This role joins the likes of Hunter, Sorcerer, Assassin and Guardian. As Bard, players will need to use both their lute and dagger to cut down enemies, and buff your companions.

The free Roots of Evil update will be available for VR players as of today, bringing players out of the dungeons and onto the surface for the first time.

Demeo: PC Edition is set to launch in early access via Steam on April 7, 2022. Players can add the game to their wishlists from today.