Call of Duty

Demon Gun Glitch Returns in Warzone

The Demon Gun Glitch is back in Warzone, and it's worse than ever.
The Demon Gun Glitch is back in Warzone, and it's worse than ever. / Photo Courtesy of Activision, OowlwoO on Reddit

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen many game-breaking bugs and glitches over the years that have been extremely frustrating to players. One of the more infamous ones, coined the "Demon Gun" glitch, has been fixed for a while, but now it appears to have made its return.

Reddit user and Warzone player OowlwoO was trying to obtain a cash drop during a game of Rebirth when out of nowhere, the Demon Gun glitch appeared, taking up most of the screen before quickly downing the player and booting them back to the main menu.

For those who have yet to encounter this bug, the glitch breaks the textures of a gun, leaving the gun itself to become a huge, spikey-looking monster that obscures a lot of the screen and player’s view. However, this version of the Demon Gun glitch looks like it's received a level-up, now completely taking players out of the game.

The game-breaking glitch adds onto the non-player threats currently in Warzone, however, this one is definitely not meant to still be in the game. Players are already battling each other as well as Godzilla and King Kong on Caldera, however, the "Demon Gun" may be the most dangerous of the bunch if it's now eliminating players and booting them to the main menu.

The Reddit video is still fairly new, so it's likely that Raven Software or Activision have yet to catch the glitch and patch it again, so be careful the next time you jump into Caldera or Rebirth Island.