Denis Zakaria FIFA 22: Headliners Updated to Piemonte Calcio Card

Denis Zakaria
Denis Zakaria / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

Denis Zakaria is featured in this week's FIFA 22 TOTW, meaning that his Headliners card has received an upgrade to 87 overall. However, Zakaria received his in-form in TOTW 21 for his performance for his new club, which he transferred to this January away from Borussia M'Gladbach.

Denis Zakaria FIFA 22: Headliners Updated to Piemonte Calcio Card

Therefore, Zakaria's Headliners card has not only received an upgrade, but has also been club-changed to Piemonte Calcio of the Serie A. The change took effect today, and if you completed his Headliners Objective and still have him, Zakaria will now be a Piemonte Calcio player.

This change welcomes plenty of new squad-building abilities with new links for Zakaria. While his strong link to Mbabu of Wolfsburg is now just a soft chemistry link, now Zakaria links to some great Serie A players, especially from Piemonte Calcio. Players like Flashback Georgio Chiellini, TOTY Honorable Mentions Federico Chiesa now receive strong links to Headliners Zakaria.

With all of the players available in the Serie A and for Piemonte Calcio, Zakaria is even easier to link now into your team, and with the upgrade to an 87 overall, Zakaria is a top level CDM choice if you can add him to your squad. Let us know if you plan on changing your squad to fit this new card in.