Destiny 2 Patch Notes Explained

At long last, Stasis is receiving significant nerfs in PvP
At long last, Stasis is receiving significant nerfs in PvP / Photo Courtesy of Bungie

The Destiny 2 patch notes just arrived alongside the weekly reset for the game and we'll be explaining everything you need to know about them. The weekly reset introduced a new strike into the game and saw Iron Banner return for its second cycle of the new season, but all eyes are on these patch notes for a big reason. Changes to the Stasis element that's been wreaking havoc in Crucible.

Destiny 2 Patch notes Explained

Of course, these patch notes aren't entirely about stasis. They also include some other bug fixes, patched exploits, and some tuning for guns and armor. Some bug fixes include fixing an issue in the Presage exotic mission where players could respawn into a void, instantly killing them again. They also fixed and changed some problems with Triumphs, as many weren't working as intended. Some exploits in the Battlegrounds activity have also been patched. These include shooting at teammates to proc a powerful perk called Frenzy, and a way for players to generate infinite super energy by having their teammates run in the hallways. Exotic armor Mantle of Battle Harmony now works in Crucible, and legendary machine gun The Swarm had the perk unrelenting added to its perk pool.

One of the most terrifying supers in the game received a nerf.
One of the most terrifying supers in the game received a nerf. / Photo Courtesy of Bungie

As for Stasis, there were many nerfs in the PvP sandbox. For hunters, their Shatterdive ability now has less damage resistance and has a cooldown now too. Their melee ability Withering Blade had its damage, slow effect, and target acquisition massively nerfed as well. For titans, their Stasis super Glacial Quake, which terrorized Crucible, was heavily nerfed. It no longer freezes nearby enemies when they first cast, it has less damage resistance, its Shiver Strike attacks use more super energy, and the lethal combo of Shiver Strike followed by a heavy slam now costs the full super energy. Interestingly, Stasis Warlocks remained relatively unchanged, even receiving some buffs. Their melee ability Penumbral Blast was nerfed, but their super and Iceflare bolts ability was buffed.

This grenade has frustrated players since its debut.
This grenade has frustrated players since its debut. / Photo Courtesy of Bungie

It wasn't just Stasis subclass abilities that were nerfed. Stasis grenades, fragment abilities, and crystals got him with some as well. The Duskfield grenade, a reviled grenade in the Destiny community for its ability to pull players into it and freeze them, received a significant nerf. The strength of its pull has been lessened, meaning players will have an easier time escaping it, and it takes longer to slow and freeze players. Crystal shatter damage has been reduced as well, and the Whisper of chains fragment, which reduced incoming damage for those near a stasis crystal, will be less effective as well.