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Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Pack: What Does It Include?

Photo courtesy of Bungie

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Destiny 2, Bungie is allowing players to purchase a pack that includes a multitude of goodies to enjoy. Free-to-play players who aren't looking to buy the Anniversary pack can also look forward to in-game events and free event items to celebrate, so they shouldn't feel discouraged with the price tag of the pack.

The free event available to players will include a 6-player matchmade activity that will reward exclusive collectibles related to the 30th Anniversary event.

Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Pack: What Does It Include?

Players who instead opt to purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack will not be disappointed by what Bungie has included. Inside the pack, players can expect to receive:

  • Access to an exclusive Pirate-themed three-player dungeon
  • Four emotes
  • Exotic Ship and Sparrow
  • Unique helmet ornament
  • Two universal ornament sets
  • The exotic weapon, Gjallarhorn

By completing the new dungeon players will have a chance at a lucky drop to receive Gjallarhorn, which has long been one of the best weapons available in Destiny 1. Players can also look forward to getting other nostalgic weapons from the dungeon, such as Eyaslune and 1000-yard stare.

The 30th Anniversary Event has a lot of content to offer, so every player regardless of if they are free-to-play should be on the lookout for exclusive content and cosmetics to celebrate.