Destiny 2 Rune Combos: Which Runes to Use?

Destiny 2 rune combos are important to know during the Chalice of Opulence and the Menagerie. These two events brought a new system and Bungie plans on building on it for the rest of Destiny 2.

Here is a guide on which runes to use.

Destiny 2 Rune Combos: Which Runes to Use?

Rune can come from a multitude of activities at endgame content. You can use the Runefinder tool at Benedict 99-40 in the Tower or Werner 99-40 on Nessus. This will increase your odds for four hours. Obviously, the best place to farm runes is from Calus' chests.

There are 12 different kinds of Runes, in four different colors. You'll start with purple and need to use rune compatibility upgrades on your Chalice to unlock red, then green, and finally blue.

Here is a list of each possible rune.


  • Rune of Joy - Class armor
  • Rune of the Beast - Submachine guns
  • Rune of Jubilation - Sniper rifles


  • Rune of Cunning - Gauntlet armor
  • Rune of Gluttony - Boot armor
  • Rune of Ambition - Power weapons


  • Rune of War - Helmet Armor
  • Rune of Desire - Hand cannons
  • Rune of Pride - Sidearms


  • Rune of Pleasure - Chest armor
  • Rune of Excess - Fusion rifles
  • Rune of Wealth - Shotguns

You then have three runes for your Chalice. One is open and you need to unlock the other two runes. Once you do and the different level of runes, you can start working on building the perfect set, or unlocking weapons. There are dozens of combinations and Polygon did an impeccable job at exploring all the actions.

Photo courtesy of Bungie