Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph Launches Tuesday

Bungie, screenshot by DBLTAP

Destiny 2 has officially unveiled the final installment of its Witch Queen era, titled "Season of the Seraph." The season, which will be the nineteenth in the series, will begin on Dec. 6.

In this season, the Hive God of War, Xivu Arath, has moved to seize Rasputin's network of satellites, causing the Vanguard to spring into action. Fearing the impact Xivu Arath will have on the Last City, the Vanguard has enacted special operations by agents called 'Seraphs', who are armed with the Warmind's most 'advanced weaponry.'

While there are familiar allusions to previous seasons, this season's storyline is a far cry from the previous Season of Plunder, which focused heavily on swashbuckling aliens and facing off against the Fallen Kell Eramis. As Destiny 2: Lightfall will launch shortly after the Season of the Seraph's end, the story is likely to conclude in a way that seamlessly transitions to the next expansion.

The Season of the Seraph will also implement the new activity Heist Battlegrounds, in which the Seraphs will infiltrate Braytech facilities. Additionally, a weekly Exotic Mission titled "Operation: Seraph's Shield" will task players with securing access to a Braytech platform above the Last City in hopes of awaking Rasputin.

On Dec. 20, players will have access to a new weapon, Revision Zero, which will acquire new catalysts as the weeks go by. Additional gear and armor will also be newly available in the season, including Season Pass-exclusive content.

This season of Destiny 2 will end on Feb. 28, coinciding with the release of Lightfall.