Destiny 2 Season 9 Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know

Image Courtesy Bungie

Destiny 2's Season 9 Roadmap has been released, with every new skin, game mode, and feature outlined for players of Bungie's dungeon raiding first person shooter game. What should players expect in Destiny 2 Season 9?

Destiny 2 Season 9 Roadmap

Called the "Season of Dawn," Season 9 will focus on a new PvE mode called "Sundial," which pits players in teams of six against some pretty big bosses on Mercury. Not a whole lot has been revealed so far in what these bosses will look like or do, but here is the rotation for the bosses come Season 9:

12/4/19 - The Sundial: Niruul, The Hollow Voice

12/17/19 - The Sundial: Ozletc, The Sky Piercer

12/24/19 - The Sundial: Tazaroc, The Suneater

2/4/20 - The Sundial: Inotam, Oblivion's Triune

In terms of new unlockables, there are different items for those who have bought the Season Pass and those who have not. The season pass will cost $10, and will include:

  • Sundial PvE mode
  • Save a Legend
  • Legend Sundial
  • Exotic quest: Devil's Run
  • Exotic quest: Bastion

Those who have not purchased the season pass will have access to the following perks come the release of Season 9:

  • New seasonal artifact: The Lantern of Osiris
  • PvP mode: Elimination
  • Reprise PvP map: Rusted Lands
  • Tangled Shore and Mars Obelisks open
  • Solar subclass update