Destiny 2 Shattered Throne Map: Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2 Shattered Throne map is essentially a miniature raid for players who aren't so much into raiding. It is available once per character every three weeks and is a fantastic source of loot if you can handle it. The map comes with unique bosses that have mechanics that can be difficult to figure out the first time around.

Here's our guide to making it through this dungeon-like map mostly unscathed.

Destiny 2 Shattered Throne Map: Everything You Need to Know

In order to get to the Shattered Throne, you'll need to head straight from the Dreaming City—bearing left until you come to a large building where Oracle is. To the left of that is a path along the cliffs that will take you to a portal which will eventually lead you to the dungeon's entrance.

After that trek, the first part of the map you'll encounter is what has been affectionately nicknamed "the labyrinth". It's a series of winding tunnels connecting different temples that you'll need to clear in a specific order. The first temple will always be the one you walk into and, upon clearing it, will reveal the symbol corresponding to the next one in that order. The order is different every time so make sure you're paying attention.

Once you've finished clearing the temples correctly, return to your first point of entry. There should be a mini-boss there waiting for you with loot drops at the ready.

If you're worried about getting lost, never fear! Plenty of maps are available online to aid you.

You'll want to drop down to the second area next which mostly involves platforming and clearing the trash without falling to your death. It's a solid straight forward strategy from here—just make it to the other side of the massive hallways without dying. Be aware that you'll encounter an area where your usual abilities are suppressed—including your health regeneration—so don't forget to take items along with you.

Are you ready for your first boss battle? Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger awaits. This fight has quite a few steps so don't get discouraged if the encounter proves a bit difficult the first few times. Vorgeth, himself, is a giant ogre guarded by Wizards, guarded by other enemies. The key here is to go up the proverbial ladder—kill the little guys first, then the Wizards, and then Vorgeth.

Killing Wizards makes them drop orbs—one per each. The orbs will give you a stack of Petitioner's Mark and you'll need four in total to take down Vorgeth's shields. Here's the catch: the buff disappears if you don't refresh it by grabbing another orb in 45 seconds. We recommend you leave the orbs alone until all four wizards are down.

After you've got all four orbs, Petitioner's Mark becomes Petitioner's Burden, and you'll be ready to burn down Vorgeth. Extinguish a lantern and have at him. Be aware, though, that if you don't kill Vorgeth in this DPS phase, his Wizards will respawn and the cycle will repeat.

Dul Incaru is the last boss of this map and is a bit easier than Vorgeth. Once you've taken care of the orge, it's just a straight-shot hallway to her. She has her own guardian force in the form of three Taken Champions who also drop orbs when they die. Kill them and take their orbs, then move on to Dul Incaru.

Two things you should worry about, however, are adds and her attempts to aid them. If you take too long to kill her Champions, Dul Incaru will summon a crystal that makes them invulnerable. Fortunately, taking down the crystal is all you need to do to resume the fight. You'll also want to keep an eye out for Taken Psions which multiply like rabbits if left unchecked.

The buff that you'll receive from the Champions' dropped orbs is impressively significant, so it won't take much for you to take her down. Dul Incaru is the last encounter on this map.

Finish off Dul Incaru and you'll have completed the Shattered Throne.

Photos courtesy of Bungie