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Destiny 2 Showcase Slated for August

The next Destiny 2 Showcase will take place on Aug. 23, 2022.
The next Destiny 2 Showcase will take place on Aug. 23, 2022. / Image courtesy of Bungie

The next Destiny 2 Showcase livestream will take place Aug. 23, 2022, Bungie announced Thursday.

Specifics regarding the content, time and platforms of the event weren't discussed. The main draw for the event simply appears to be — "to show you what’s next."

With the announcement, Bungie dropped a 47-second trailer titled "No Escape" that dives into the history of the Light and Darkness story so far.

Additionally, Bungie announced in its blog post that in preparation for the showcase, all of its usual TWABs before then will not be announcing any major news or ground-breaking revelations. As such, all eyes from the Destiny community should be focusing directly on the event.

Of course, it's all but certain that this event will officially reveal Destiny 2: Lightfall, the penultimate expansion in the Light and Darkness Saga, as well as the free-to-play, online-only FPS' 18th season.

Following 2020's Beyond Light and this February's The Witch Queen, Lightfall is expected to drop in 2023 before the first saga of Destiny eventually comes to an end with the finale expansion, The Final Shape.

Despite the release of Lightfall still being plenty of time away, it would make a ton of sense for Bungie to begin its expansion marketing two full seasons early.

As seen with the Season of the Lost, players pretty much already knew Savathun would break her bonds and ascend to Witch Queen status.