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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Expansion Set for February Launch

Details about Witch Queen leaked Tuesday ahead of the official live stream reveal.
Details about Witch Queen leaked Tuesday ahead of the official live stream reveal. / Photo courtesy of Bungie

Destiny 2's next major expansion, Witch Queen, launches Feb. 22, 2022, per a leak on the Australian PlayStation Store.

Although Bungie planned to reveal the release date and further details of the expansion in a live stream on its Twitch and YouTube channels set for noon ET, the PlayStation Store appears to have undercut that plan (H/T TrueTrophies).

Witch Queen will feature what Bungie calls "the definitive Destiny campaign,' in which players will explore Savathûn's Throne World to discover how she "stole the Light."

"From her palace to the swamp, all that she hides can be found here," continues the description in the listing.

The expansion brings a new melee weapon type called a Glaive that will let players "unleash powerful melee combos, projectile attacks, and a deployable energy shield." Bungie will complement the Glaive with a weapon crafting system that allows for unique mod, shader and stat combinations.

Pre-ordering the expansion will unlock an exotic Ghost Shell, emote and emblem. The Deluxe Edition includes access to Seasons 16-19 and two Year 5 dungeons, an Exotic SMG, catalyst, ornament and an Exotic Sparrow.

Bungie finally introduced players to Savathûn in a teaser for the expansion posted Monday after having her play the role of villain by proxy for ages. The studio will set up Witch Queen, story-wise, with the Season of the Lost, another in-game happening whose details are on the docket for today's livestream.