Destiny 2 Xur's Location Through Oct 11-14

Destiny 2's Xur has returned to the game carrying plenty of prizes and items for players to purchase from Oct. 11 through to Oct. 14. This shopkeeper tends to change location every time he returns, so it's no wonder players will sometimes have a hard time finding him again.

Here's where you can find Xur in Destiny 2 for the next few days.

Destiny 2: Xur's Location

Xur can be found hanging around the Tower this weekend. He's pretty hard to miss so you'll likely spot him before you have a chance to walk right by him.

As with all his appearances, Xur comes bearing a fresh inventory for players to browse. This includes a scout rifle, a helmet, and two sets of gauntlets. Remember that all these items will cost you legendary shards.

The scout rifle this weekend is the "Jade Rabbit"—a weapon originally introduced in Destiny 1 for Playstation players. It is kinetic-based and features chain-body shots as well as the possibility for returned ammunition. It gives extra damage on the next precision shot as well as a partial reload thanks to its perk "The Fate of All Fools." Additionally, it has the the legendary trait Zen Moment and also provides an extra bit of stability if the player causes it damage. Xur will sell this rifle for 29 Legendary Shards.

The helmet, "The Stag," is an exotic warlock helmet worth 23 Legendary Shards. It features improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights for bows. It also creates Rift energy when you are critically wounded and will leave a healing rift on your corpse when you die.

The first pair of gauntlets is the exotic titan gauntlets known as the "Ashen Wake." These will run you 23 Legendary Shards to add to your inventory.

The second pair of gauntlets is the "Mechaneer's Tricksleeves." They are an exotic hunter pair and will cost you 23 Legendary Shards. These gauntlets affect your sidearm speed and reload. When taking critical damage, your sidearm also does more damage.

Xur and his inventory will reset on Oct. 22, so make sure you purchase everything you want before then.

Image courtesy of Bungie