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Destiny Cheatmaker Countersues Bungie, Claims Bungie Hacked Their Computers

Photo courtesy of Bungie

Bungie is being countersued by AimJunkies, a popular Destiny 2 cheat manufacturer, as they claim that the Destiny 2 developer hacked them.

After several months of setbacks for Bungie, who sued on the grounds of copyright and trademark infringement, it appears that AimJunkies is looking to fight back with a countersuit of their own. While Bungie is no stranger to using legal means to get rid of those who would sell cheat software, it comes as a surprise to see what grounds AimJunkies is basing their countersuit on.

AimJunkies claims that Bungie accessed the files of the defendant James May, a developer of the cheat software. Torrent Freak, who first discovered the countersuit, mentions that the files of James May were reportedly accessed "without the direct knowledge and express authorization of Mr. May."

The claims also go on to state that a Bungie employee purchased the cheat software for Bungie's own use, breaking AimJunkies' terms of service. While AimJunkies is seeking an unspecified amount of damages in their countersuit, it is unsure how Bungie will decide to act next or if these claims will hold any water in court.