Destiny Knot Pokemon Sword: Everything You Need to Know About Destiny Knot

The Destiny Knot is a hold item added to the Pokemon Universe in Generation IV.
The Destiny Knot is a hold item added to the Pokemon Universe in Generation IV. /

The Destiny Knot is a hold item added to the Pokemon Universe in Generation IV. Classified exclusively as a very rare item in all of its appearances, it's shown up again in Pokemon Sword and Shield and here's everything you need to know about the item and how to get a hold of one.

Destiny Knot Pokemon Sword: What Is It?

Called あかいいと (Red Thread) in Japanese versions of the game, Destiny Knot is a unique item with an interesting property tied to a status condition. The infatuation defuff is applied by attacks like Attract, or when a Pokemon with the Cute Charm ability comes into contact with a Pokemon of the opposite gender. Once afflicted with attraction, a Pokemon has a 50% chance to be unable to attack.

Destiny Knot has a bit of a niche effect, but it can be very useful in the right situations. Put simply, Destiny Knot activates whenever the Pokemon holding the item becomes infatuated. As an effect, it makes the Pokemon who inflicted the infatuation also become infatuated.

Destiny Knot Pokemon Sword: Where to Find It

The first step in getting your hands on the Destiny Knot is to complete the games main storyline. This is because the Destiny Knot can only be purchased with Battle Points, which you'll only earn in the Battle Tower. So if you haven't gotten that locked down yet, get back to Galar and get to it, trainer!

Once that's all wrapped up, make your way to Hammerlocke. Once their, head into the PokeMart and look for a lady in shades and a cool outfit. This is the BP vendor. From her you'll be able to buy a Destiny Knot for 10 Battle Points.

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Destiny Knot Pokemon Sword: Best Ways to Use it

If you ask 10 different trainers for the most efficient way to use Destiny Knot, or which Pokemon benefit from it the most, you'll probably get at lest 4-5 different answers. Personally, I recommend sticking it on any heavy-hitter Pokemon you expect to be the target of status-changing abilities. This might dissuade your opponent from wanting to throw Attract or other abilities at that Pokemon, else they run the risk of hampering their own Pokemon.

As an additional caveat that began around Generation VI, breeding a Pokemon in a Daycare or Nursery while they have a Destiny Knot on them will ensure that 5 of the parent Pokemon's IVs or Individual Values are passed on. Take a look at this Bulbapedia page if you want more information on how IVs factor into Breeding.

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