Destiny vs Destiny 2: Which One Did it Better?

Destiny was iconic. It was Bungie's first big project since Halo and it was going to be a mainstay of the new generations of consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were coming out and in a surprising move, Bungie partnered with Sony.

While Bungie was the sweetheart of Microsoft for years, when they left the studio and had to give up the Halo franchise, there was some bad blood between the two. On top of that, Bungie was bought by Activision and was going to use the massive publisher's income to build a bigger and better product.

That was the hope. What we got was completely different. Launch was full of content delays, DLC packs, and a far cry from the promised product.

Destiny 2 was no different. A promised new beginning had much of the same problems with a lack of content and an increase in money-grabbing schemes like DLC Annual Passes and the Eververse store.

Despite the shortcomings of both games, there are bright spots and a positive future ahead of us. But who did it better?

Destiny vs. Destiny 2: Graphics

This one can be a bit difficult to compare since Destiny is a much older product. However, it was still breathtaking for the time being. But the win goes to Destiny 2, which could be played on the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Destiny is a close one with how well Bungie made the original game, but technology wins out.

Destiny vs. Destiny 2: Story

This one is pretty tough to distinguish because both were pretty bad. It wasn't because of the actual storytelling or plot, but the serious lack content and world building. People had to go outside the game to learn more about the lore and history which is never a good idea. Even though Destiny was a complete letdown in this area, it was still fresh and the original product, so it wins over Destiny 2.

The whole pitch of Destiny 2 was you would lose your power and have to survive without it, but that lasted about 15 minutes and the whole campaign easily took about four to five hours. That's abysmal for a standalone game, not an expansion.

Destiny vs. Destiny 2: Gameplay

Without a doubt the best part of the Destiny franchise. Bungie nailed the magic from Halo and multiplied it inside the Destiny universe. There is plenty of differences between PvE and PvP which allows all types of players enjoy this series.

It's fast paced, inventive and addictive. Probably the main reason why players stay despite all the faults is the gameplay. Destiny captured the looter-shooter well and made for a competitive matchmaking. While Destiny 2 built on this and perfected a few different nuisances, it didn't add to the overall feel.

Destiny was the creator of many different features and wins out against Destiny 2. Even though Destiny 2 did well to build on Strikes and Raids, PvP is in a much worseC spot than the original Destiny.

Photo courtesy of Bungie