Deston is Now Available in PUBG Update 18.2

Courtesy of KRAFTON

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has introduced Deston, a brand-new map that is now available to play for free. The new 8x8 map contains a sprawling downtown filled with everything from skyscrapers to mountains to swamps. Deston is playable in Solos, Duos, Squad TPP and FPP modes.

The release of Deston in the free-to-play title also comes with new utility items that are exclusive to the new map. The Ascender is given to players as soon as they enter the map and allows them to scale vertical distances such as buildings. The redeploying Parachute lets players glide across the tops of buildings and across the various terrains that Deston has to offer.

Besides new utility items, Deston comes packed with additional new features brand-new to PUBG. The Fuel Pump Station lets players fuel up their vehicles across Deston, though players have to be cautious of explosions that can swiftly take them out. Also new are Security Keys, which are strewn across Deston for players to find. If players find a Security Key and bring it to a Security Door, they can unlock high-tier loot that's otherwise inaccessible. Drone Rooms are similar, except instead of requiring a Security Key, they require players to locate them using drones.

New vehicles and weapons also make their way to PUBG. The Airboat allows players to transition between the seas and skies with ease allowing for much easier traversal of the environment. Additionally, the O12 shotgun and MP9 submachine gun add to the already expansive collection of guns that PUBG players are able to choose from.

Deston is available to play now for free in PUBG: Battlegrounds.