Destroy Equipment on Top of Abductors in Fortnite: How to Complete

"It's time to push back."
"It's time to push back." / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Epic Games

The Destroy Equipment on Top of Abductors Fortnite challenge is a task that many players are looking to complete at the moment as they try to complete their Week 6 epic quests that recently released.

Epic Games and Rook have tasked players with destroying three pieces of equipment on top of Alien Abductors to quickly earn and put thousands of XP towards their Battle Passes. Here's how to complete the Destroy Equipment on Top of Abductors Week 6 challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Destroy Equipment on Top of Abductors in Fortnite: How to Complete

This challenge is super straightforward and easy to accomplish solo within one game—as long as players know where to go.

In you're new to Season 7, the Fortnite battle island now spawns three UFOs, or Abductors, at the start of each game. Check your map to see where the three purple rings have spawned. They usually stick to POIs and will cover a portion of their names so look out for that.

These Abductors can easily be landed on right when players jump out of the Battle Bus and hold scarce, low-tier weapons, as well as some medium-to-large metal objects lying around which are the focus of this challenge in particular.

The Alien pieces of equipment are what you need to destroy, so as long as you can break something with your harvesting tool on top of an Abductor, that will count for this challenge.

Once you've repeated the process three times and destroyed three pieces of equipment, the challenge is done.

Just like that, another 30,000 XP is in the bag for the Battle Pass.

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