Destroy Target Dummies With IO Weapons In Fortnite: How to Complete

Image courtesy of Epic Games

The Fortnite Legendary Quests have begun for Week 12 of Chapter 2: Season 7. As always, players will have one week to complete the challenges before a new set is revealed.

This week, one of the quests asks players to destroy some Target Dummies with IO weapons. Players will need to destroy a total of four Target Dummies in order to complete the quest. The quest is a little more complicated this time around as players can only destroy the dummies with an IO weapon, so the first hurdle is getting hold of one.

Destroying these Target Dummies will net players a total of 30,000 XP towards completing the Battle Pass.

Here's what you need to do in order to complete this Legendary Quest.

Where to Find IO Weapons in Fortnite

The first step in this quest will be to locate an IO weapon. Fortunately, these can be found all over the map so there's a good chance players will come across one naturally. Of course, a good place to start searching are the Satellite Stations.

The following weapons are what players should keep an eye out for:

  • Pulse Rifle
  • Recon Scanner
  • Rail Gun

Where to Find Target Dummies in Fortnite

The next step of the quest requires players to locate and destroy a total of four Target Dummies. Fortunately, there are quite a few scattered around the map but players may need to travel to more than one location in order to get their total.

Here are the locations where players can find the Training Dummies:

Corny Complex

This is easiest place to complete the quest as all four Target Dummies should be grouped together near the silo. Be careful, though. If an enemy shoots a dummy first, players will need to go looking for another one.

Risky Reels

Luckily, four more Target Dummies can be found in Risky Reels, just East of Corny Complex. Players should be able to two dummies on the North side of the area, and two more towards the Southern section.

Weeping Woods

Four Target Dummies can be found in Weeping Woods. Two can be found in the trees towards the Northern lodge. The other two are tucked behind some trees past the trailers to the South.

Slurpy Swamp

The final set of Target Dummies can be found around the edge of Slurpy Swamp, separated into groups of two. The first two are by the docks to the West of the area. The others are to the South of the area, on top of a hill.