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Devolver Digital Valued at $950M, Sony Revealed as Investor

Devolver Digital has gone public, and is worth $950 million.
Devolver Digital has gone public, and is worth $950 million. / Photo courtesy of Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital has gone public on the London Stock Exchange, raising $261 million around its admission to the Alternative Investment Market for a total a valuation of $950 million. It is now the largest ever US-based company by market capitalization to ever trade on AIM.

"Today we've become a publicly traded company," Devolver wrote on its website. "At first blush that can certainly sound like a departure from a group of friends starting a boutique game label, but really it’s a kind of validation for our team and our partners."

"The employees of Devolver Digital are still the majority owners in the company - from those of us at that first picnic table meeting to those that joined this year, everyone at Devolver Digital owns a stake in the company, its future, and its future’s future."

Sony is among those investing in the independent games publisher, having purchased a 5% stake in Devolver. The official PlayStation Twitter account tweeted that Sony is "honored to be an investor."

Devolver Digital is best known as the publisher of Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, and dozens of other modern indie classics. Its most recent release, Inscryption, was released Oct. 19.